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  1. Tina

    So I have been wanting to write a review and it has taken so long simply because I do not have the words to express how thrilled I am with this piece.

    I new that it would take a special somebody to create this special piece and I was not disappointed,  in fact it went beyond all of my expectations.

    My favourite memories with my son is spending that quality one to one time with my son in the pool doing swimming lessons. It was our time, with no distractions and interuptions. During one lesson as we both emerged ourselves under the water, I will always remember that look of happiness and delight on his face. As we came up for breath I new it was those moments that I needed to capture. I have always wanted an original painting, a traditional idea of family portraits but with a modern twist and so I asked if the wonderfully talented Michelle could paint a picture from one of my favourite watershoot photo’s.

    I can not believe the detail. The oil gives a wonderful texture and depth to the painting and Michelle has managed to capture all the characteristics in our faces. She even, if I may say so myself caprures the beautiful reciprocal gaze between my son and myself. When I look at the painting I am drawn back to that magical moment. I absolutely love it, it is so personal that it is hard not to feel emotional when I look deeply at it. I know she is so dedicated to ensuring that each piece is perfect and that is what it is.

    Thank you, you are amazing.

    Ps Its amazing how the words flow once you start

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